Biến tần AnyHz FST – 650

Mô tả sản phẩm

Power range: 0.4-2.2KW,220V,single phase;0.75-630KW,380V,three phases.

Application area: pump,fan,air compressor,central air-conditioner,oil pump,conveyor,main shaft of CNC machine, ball mill machine, musical fountain,etc.

Main feature:

Structural features:

1. Optimized layout design makes the machine to be smaller and lighter. It is easy for transportation, installation and maintenance.

2. Perfect cooling design ensures lower temperature rise and long life.

3. High anti-interference ability due to the circuit separation for stong current and weak current.

4. Combined module for 15KW or below with high reliability.

Software features:

1. G/P type are in one for extensive application.

2. 3 kinds of control: V/F control, SVC control and torque control.

3. High starting torque: 180%, 0.5 Hz.

4. Multi-step speed control, simple PLC control and PID control.

5. Programmable input and output terminals.

6. Non-stop operation at momentary power failure.

7. Multiple sources of frequency reference.

8. Automatic voltage regulation(AVR).

9. Frequency skip function.

10. Oscillation suppression function.

11. Perfect function of fault protection.


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