Biến tần AnyHz FST 900

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FST-900 4 Quadrant Energy Feedback Frequency Inverter 

FST-900 four quadrant frequency inverter adopt the latest and most sophisticated control technology, and use the energy regeneration of IGBT DC supply device, so as to finish the bi-directional control of rectifier energy feedback and realize the real four quadrant run.

Rectifier/feedback unit

200% torque output at 0 speed

PG vector control and V/F control

Technique features:

Renewable control, can help to save much energy on the use of inertial-load crane application system.

Controllable unit power factor “1” can help to reduce the harmonic to less than 2%.

Applicable to monitor operation condition and fault through the keyboard, keep various control variables a second before the fault, such as the input voltage, current, frequency, input power and temperature, so as to follow and refresh the data records.

Rectifier/feedback unit adopt sine wave to provide renewable electric energy feedback to grid automatically, this is more energy-saving and environmental than the traditional braking unit and braking resistor.

Excellent closed loop vector control performance to realized 200% torque output at zero speed

Four speed control modes: no PG vector control, PG vector control, V/F control without PG, V/F control with PG

The expansion board can be selected by customer’s request.


Conveyor belt, harbor machinery, mine hoist, pour-into washing machine, pharmaceutical machinery, centrifugal casting machine, centrifuge and metal processing machinery such as large punching machine

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